Them “Hitz” are Rising.!

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Those hitz are rising! Once we hit 5,000 even hitz, ill plan a party. Also for the people who have visited this site that have commented, will most likely be rewaded. After I find your Cazmo on Cazmo Ill transfer you 100 Cazmo Cash, along with 1,0000 Cazmo Coins!..Kepp the Hitz going! Spread the site..Thanks for all the support!

~Ambassador Whoop Rico
~Visit Planet Cazmo today! Sign up;have fun.!


Social Networkingg..

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Please vote.!

~The WHOLE PCAP Team. (whoop rico and others)

SN: In other words, if a Cazmo needs to be in touch with an Ambassador and there Cazmo isn’t online and that person is on Facebook, maybe they can IM them. Thank you!

New Cazmo Vid!

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Updates soon!

~Ambassador whoop rico

Ambassador Gift! :O

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This weeks ambassador gift is the Blue Fez Hat starting Friday night!
Guess what today is?? FRIDAY! (:
Visit my site: PCHeartBroken

With Love,


Are you interested in helping Planet Cazmo?

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Planet Cazmo is going through a difficult time.

You interested in helping?

You have probably seen something like “Spread the world!” everyday.

Planet Cazmo is needing you all to “Spread the world!”.

Ask your friends to join, use facebook, post something on twitter about Planet Cazmo, etc.

Another thing:

Planet Cazmo wants you all to start hanging out at the Gummy Bär tiles.

That will really help Gummy Bär and Planet Cazmo because they’re advertising it.

Will you help?

They also want us to HELP NEW PLAYERS.

Don’t be rude to noobs.

It’s low & you mainly just lost money for Planet Cazmo.

You don’t have to do it but maybe you should donate money to Planet Cazmo.

(e.g. Buy a membership or cazmo cash.)

At least help new members?


I Sk8ter Girl I

Seriously, you should click here. 😉


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Hey guys! I’m usually busy around week days. I won’t be able to post every single day. :O I will probably be on Planet Cazmo more on the weekends, so if you want to contact me, just leave a comment and I’ll try to get back as soon as possible. Thanks for everything! I’ll also try to post updates even on weekdays. Thanks for reading! (:

Site: Click On This (:


New ambassador gift:


Green Sandals

P.S. Snowy days are almost over, enjoy it while you can. (:

With Love,


Im not sure :/

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Okay, is it just me or is most of us coming back? This probably doesn’t make sense to the newcomers, but I’ve seen a lot of my old friends from WAYYY back! (: So far I’ve seen Tanner, Mike, Music Green… etc. Sorry, there is a lot more people. I just can’t remember right now. 😀 Anyway, please comment at my site.

Site: Click On This (:

With Love,