How to make pictures without downloading

hey its ya boy whoop i havent been postin lately and im commin back harder then i did before ok this is what u do,u might have a lap top

How to take pictures on your computer.
Some of you its hard to take picture on the computer, so I will make a tutorial.

First take your picture of something using the print screen key.

Then crop it using the crop tool. Crop the blue line. (there wont be a blue line but a faint gray dotted square.

Right click on the space you selected, copy and paste it on a new page.

Save it as a jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx. BUT NOT A BMP! Which is the default. I prefer png because it is good quality and is good for archiving.

Then when you go to your post, you can upload and have Fun! There you go!

Have fun blogging!




2 Responses to “How to make pictures without downloading”

  1. Thanks 😀

  2. sk8ter249cheats Says:

    orrr u can use the prt scr sysrq button press it and press the letter C at the same time go to paint paste it after opening a crop thingy and thn crop it and save it

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