. Walk on lake. -Go to the very side of the screen when your in the lake until you see black.

-Then go to the side.

-You should be walking/skating on water!

6. How to drive hovercar in PC:

It’s a temperary glitch!

-Go to space

-Go back to town

Here’s a pic of what it looks like:

(founded by Gamerz)

7. Walk on house!

-Go to a house as shown below.

-Go behind it

-Walk forward

_Walah! Heres the pic

8. Nub at a house!

-Get a skateboard on

-Go to a house

-Go to the bottom corner

-Go from a little distance, and skate right into that corner

-Be patient, this takes many trys.

-Heres the pic:

9. Actually sit on a couch

This is a very simple glitch, however the couch cannot be against a wall or it won’t work

-First, find a couch in a house

-go behind it

-Similar to the stand on house one, walk forward untill your feet hit the couch.

-Sit down! Heres a pic:

10. Mystery Hat!

-Wear beta hat

-Go play the Fishing Game.

-Look at what your wearing!

Heres a pic: (Click to enlarge)

(Found by Mute)


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