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Seeing Through A Noobs Eye

Posted in Uncategorized on April 10, 2010 by Brianna Nicole

This is important. I made a noob account. I went on pc like I would always do. And let me tell you. What I expierenced through that pixel body with no cc, no membership, and only one badge, it was HELL. No Im not exaggerating. No Im not being akward. Im saying straight truth. People these days are so mean to the new people that come to cazmo. They have no respect at all if you dont have either the superstar badge, cc, membership, ambassador badge, or mod badge. If you dont have any of them, you get TOTALLY disrepected. Old cazmos today are just so mean. I had went to the lake on my noob account, and I tried to talk to an ambassador (not saying any names.) You know what that ambassador did. They blew me off! They would not talk to me at ALL. So I went to talk to another cazmo. That person was so nice to me. I should say that persons name but then that would be pointing out people which I dont do. So I had a conversation with that person. And that person totally agreed with me. I was glad that I had one person on my side. After that I continued to try to talk to other people who were on my buddy list from my other account who were on. Would you believe that mostly none of them took even a second to talk to me. And when they did finally, they acted like I was some sort of alien. If I was on Briexoxo, they would be like “HAYY GURL. WHATS UPPP.” And stuff like that. But on that noob account, all I got was a “hi”. No one was interested in what I had to say. I was fuming by then. I cant believe how cazmo has turned into. Now I must have something to prove that Im a good cazmo? How about the way I act? I acted great. I even helped a few people. But do I get any respect? Not even a hey whats up? NOPE. Now I know how it is to see the life of cazmo through a noobs eye. And I will try all in my power to change that. Because its tough when your a noob. And it shouldnt be that way. When I was a noob, I instantly made friends, no problem. People were so nice and let me in their convo. They invited me to their parties and what they were doing. Now, you cant even get a simple whats up. No one is interested. From now on, I look at cazmo a different way. After that hell I expierenced, there is no way I will ever disrespect or ignore a noob again. I feel for them. I hope that things change.


Ginormous. Unsymmetrical. Weird Glitches.

Posted in Uncategorized on February 7, 2010 by Brianna Nicole

Hey Peoplez,

I had to keep the title short and sweet. =P. First of all, when I logged on I was a alien outline (which happens alot) But iht usually loads after a while. In this situation iht didnt happen. I was just a green outline foreverrr. =P. So I went somewhere else to see if I could fix iht. Then I went back to town square and now only some of my body loaded. I was missing my neck, and my arms. Weird huh? Anyways, Second on the adgenda. Pc made themselves very unsymmetrical in town square. They have the fort on one side, but the other side is completly blank. Iht looks weirddd. I guess when they put the Valentines Day stuff in they erased iht? Idk. Third on the adgenda is the Ginormous Ridonkulus Show. While they were talking to Black Wolf, I noticed that he was sitting and walking under him. Kindah hard to explain. But iht was rlly awesome. Ginourmous rlly knows how to get people laughing =). I enjoyed Souleo. Hes not lyke other famous people, hes rlly down to earth. =). I took pics so enjoyyy!


Newsletter! =)

Posted in Uncategorized on January 30, 2010 by Brianna Nicole

Hey Peoplez,.
NEWSLETTER TIME! If yewr too lazy to look at the pic, iht says: GRAMMY WEEKEND ON PLANET CAZMO!!
The Caz-Rox Cafe has been decorated for Grammy Weekend!! Come hang out and watch Music Videos of the biggest stars! AND hang out ON SUNDAY NIGHT while the show is on and chat about it with your friends! LLOYD THE WANDERING ALIEN IS BACK WITH A SPECIAL GIFT!
Find Lloyd the Wandering Alien and he’ll give you something very special … something to take you up, up and away! (cough cough Green Spaceship from longgg time ago-mod quest I think =P). GINORMOUS RIDONKULOUS SHOW NEXT WEEK!
The host who plumps when you cook him ….. His debut show is about to …. ummm, debut! First week’s guests include Black Wolf and Souleo! Who will be next? Watch the show – it could be you!

Pic if yewr too lazy to read. Lmao :



Posted in Uncategorized on January 23, 2010 by Brianna Nicole

Hey Peoplez,

Here is the moment yew all have been waiting for…. skates are finally here! &+ Theres a new winter shop! Some stuff is limited time only like the snowman outfit! Better get them fast! Also, Gus got a new winter luk ^.^ hehe. Also theres an Update. Now theres a button yew can push and pull up the chat box. Yew can write from there too! Yew can change a tab and still be able to know the convo! How AWESOME IS THT?!!?!?!? I forgot to put a little red box around the blue thingie. Just remember: When yew pull up the chat, press the arrow with the blue box around iht. =P. Yew can try to type numbers but iht wont work. On pc, ihtll say yew typed illegal characters this is yewr warning blah blah =P. Sorry about iht saying property of briexoxo, ihts just tht someone recently took my pic and I had to shut their site down because they wouldnt give me credit for iht. =(.Plus plus, yew can have a skating party at the lake. TOTAL PWNAGE haha. ( I just learned how to use pwn in a sentence =).) hehe. Anyways, as yew see in the pic ihts Dews party tht she didnt even show up fur. Rofl.
I took pics so yew can have a view of them:



Posted in Uncategorized on December 27, 2009 by Brianna Nicole

1.)Should I keep this site?
2.)Should I keep posting?
3.)If I do, what should I do? Any ideas?
I just now care becuase I’m back on cazmo. After a long break. Helpp.


P.S. My site is

Meh Button For Meh Site!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 6, 2009 by Brianna Nicole
Isnt It Awesomeness?

Isnt It Awesomeness?

Post everywhere!!


Posted in Uncategorized on August 4, 2009 by Brianna Nicole