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Hello xD



Newsletter! =)

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Hey Peoplez,.
NEWSLETTER TIME! If yewr too lazy to look at the pic, iht says: GRAMMY WEEKEND ON PLANET CAZMO!!
The Caz-Rox Cafe has been decorated for Grammy Weekend!! Come hang out and watch Music Videos of the biggest stars! AND hang out ON SUNDAY NIGHT while the show is on and chat about it with your friends! LLOYD THE WANDERING ALIEN IS BACK WITH A SPECIAL GIFT!
Find Lloyd the Wandering Alien and he’ll give you something very special … something to take you up, up and away! (cough cough Green Spaceship from longgg time ago-mod quest I think =P). GINORMOUS RIDONKULOUS SHOW NEXT WEEK!
The host who plumps when you cook him ….. His debut show is about to …. ummm, debut! First week’s guests include Black Wolf and Souleo! Who will be next? Watch the show – it could be you!

Pic if yewr too lazy to read. Lmao :



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Hey Peoplez,

Here is the moment yew all have been waiting for…. skates are finally here! &+ Theres a new winter shop! Some stuff is limited time only like the snowman outfit! Better get them fast! Also, Gus got a new winter luk ^.^ hehe. Also theres an Update. Now theres a button yew can push and pull up the chat box. Yew can write from there too! Yew can change a tab and still be able to know the convo! How AWESOME IS THT?!!?!?!? I forgot to put a little red box around the blue thingie. Just remember: When yew pull up the chat, press the arrow with the blue box around iht. =P. Yew can try to type numbers but iht wont work. On pc, ihtll say yew typed illegal characters this is yewr warning blah blah =P. Sorry about iht saying property of briexoxo, ihts just tht someone recently took my pic and I had to shut their site down because they wouldnt give me credit for iht. =(.Plus plus, yew can have a skating party at the lake. TOTAL PWNAGE haha. ( I just learned how to use pwn in a sentence =).) hehe. Anyways, as yew see in the pic ihts Dews party tht she didnt even show up fur. Rofl.
I took pics so yew can have a view of them:



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